Corporate and Community Programs for Multilingual Professionals

Who will benefit from these programs?

Non-native English speakers who often say:

  1. My speech is not clear to others
  2. People ask me to repeat what I’ve said
  3. It is hard to be understood on the phone
  4. I find it difficult to make oral presentations
  5. I avoid situations where I have to speak English
  6. Certain words are difficult for me to pronounce
  7. I am not understood when I give my address
  8. I cannot pronounce certain names
  9. I avoid using contractions
  10. My speech is too soft
  11. I speak too quickly

How will I benefit from these programs?

ASL programs for pronouncing American English, also known as Accent Modification or Accent Reduction, will help you to:

  1. Improve pronunciation skills
  2. Become more understandable
  3. Learn American intonation
  4. Express yourself with confidence
  5. Communicate for success

How do these programs work?

  1. Not ESL or grammar courses, the curriculum identifies key elements of spoken American English and how they work in oral communication and provides our clients with the skills needed to use those elements effectively.
  2. Course content is developed specifically to match the client’s perception of personal communication challenges and the instructor’s knowledge and experience in successful teaching of American English speaking skills.
  3. Courses are designed to meet professional and personal needs, objectives and goals of participants as identified through personal interviews prior to the course.
  4. On-site corporate programs for American Accent Training are offered for group and/or individual classes.
  5. Private courses are available for individuals seeking instruction to become more effective speakers of American English.

Course topics may include:

  1. Acquiring auditory skills to compare and contrast client’s native speech pattern with American English.
  2. Mastering American rhythm, stress, phrasing and pause patterns.
  3. Learning Standard American sounds and vocabulary used in everyday business and social speech.
  4. Targeting specific American vowel and consonant sounds that remain a personal challenge.
  5. Improving inflection patterns for phrasing longer messages and ideas.
  6. Setting goals and strategies for continuing growth in accent modification.

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