Thanks for another great year. The people you service have certainly benefitted from your genuine concern and interest in improving their communication. Your patience, understanding and support are appreciated throughout the year.

Thank you for the beautiful Speech Report you gave us, and all the fine work you did with Barbara. She really came out of her shell, largely due to your expertise and way of dealing with her.

I hope you know how much I appreciate you. Suzanne’s speech has improved so much. I remember when she first met you.  Your praise and encouragement and friendship was just what she needed. She was very ashamed and withdrawn because of her speech impediment…today she is outgoing. She is happy. She is very proud of her progress and she doesn’t mind if someone knows she once had a speech impediment. Thank you for all your help and your friendship.

Thank you for all of your help and care with Jason’s speech classes. We are very grateful for the progress he made and for your kindness you showed him… Jason thoroughly enjoyed your books, toys and lollipops!

I greatly appreciate the sincere and skillful effort you have given to Shivani.  I am certain that these have provided a foundation upon which she can build her own skills.

Your passion and energy will inspire me to study and improve my English.

Thank you for all your help. Now, I’ve no problem with “V”.

Thank you for your very effective services this year. We appreciate the true enthusiasm you put into your work.

Many thanks to you from all of our family for your instruction, direction and support these last two years.

Thank you for all your support, expertise and affection. You have been a mainstay for all of us.

I was very hoarse until I met you. Thank you for teaching me how to use my voice correctly. I will keep practicing everything you taught me.

Thank you so much for being my speech teacher. Now, I could sometimes fix myself when I say things the wrong way. I even caught myself today!

Ben is doing very well. We think the speech therapy with you helped enormously.

Thank you for being such a GREAT speech teacher. You made my R’s a lot better. You made it fun for me because we played games a lot.

Thank you so much for the many years of getting up early and teaching us so much. We couldn’t have reached this far with Sammy without you.

A year has past since Evan started stuttering… Thank you for all the time you spent with him. All the hard work really paid off. His speech now is almost perfect, with no blocks. On a very rare occasion, I do see him stop and regroup, if he is having a problem. We are grateful that we found you. You are kind and gentle, and Evan really connected with and cares for you.

Thank you for teaching me English pronunciation. The twenty-hour class is short but is very useful and practical. At beginning, the progress was slow, later my heavy accent was dramatically reduced and really impacts on my job. My accent still is existing; however, I realized that the accents come from which part of my tongue or lips. I learned how to prevent the accent and how to pronounce the English in a correct way. The teaching materials further emphasize the right way of pronunciation. My job requires great communication skills with clients and hospitals. Your class definitely benefits my job and my routine life…I recently called a friend.  After I greeted her, she sounded as though she was talking with a stranger…she said, “you really didn’t sound like you.  What happened?” I replied, “I just completed my class of Reducing Foreign Accent. That is why.” I will have no hesitation to recommend any of my friends and colleagues to you.

A speech delay creates many other learning and behavioral handicaps. In our experience, the average speech therapist does not know how to work around and with these other issues to get at the root cause, and to operate on a level that the child “client” can deal with. In the last three months with JoAnn, Emily has made more progress than in the prior two years because of JoAnn’s abilities to go beyond the normal textbook ways of dealing with a four year old. To compare JoAnn to the other therapists we have worked with would be unfair because she is so far above them that she leaves them in the dust! JoAnn is not only a warm, loving, caring individual towards Emily, she is able to extract language and activity from this child that you could only believe a magician might be able to do. In our past experiences, both in a private and public school settings, the therapists seemed to be frustrated by Emily’s lack of concentration and inability to do as told. With JoAnn, Emily is able to flourish and yet JoAnn is in total control – without Emily even realizing it!